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Camson has a strong focus on in‐house research capabilities which has resulted in a successful portfolio of products over the years. Camson’s research can be broadly divided into 3 major segments: biocides, bio-fertilizers and hybrid seeds.

Camson's intensive research programs in these areas have helped us build a wide-ranging product portfolio including 22 biocides, 7 bio-fertilizers and 17 hybrid seeds.


These are new generation products, which are not only effective, but also eco-friendly, non-poisonous and non-toxic. Camson is a pioneer in this range of products. Owing to its focused R&D efforts, Camson is one of the pioneers in this field and holds a first-mover advantage to grow in this emerging new market.


Through its on-going R&D efforts Camson has launched a range of new generation bio-fertilizers which are a combination of many microbes. These unique microbes help produce the required NPK and other elements required by the plants for their healthy growth.

Hybrid seeds

Camson is the global pioneer in breeding of hybrid seeds which perform well under organic and natural conditions. These unique seeds are able to utilise natural conditions to provide higher yields and better margins.

Camson has successfully launched many unique vegetable and fruit hybrids, such as the yellow-skin watermelon and pink tomatoes. It is the only company in the country to research, produce and market unique seeds like ice box watermelons. It is the first company to launch a yellow skin watermelon and many other new hybrids in the market.