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Research Segments

Camson has a strong focus on in‐house research capabilities which has resulted in a successful portfolio of products over the years.

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Camson has developed a proprietary technology platform, consisting of a microorganism database, screening technology and a natural product compound library.

This will provide the foundation for the discovery and development of natural products for the pest management industry. The Camson technology platform can also be used to develop products for broader applications, including animal health, human health and pharmaceuticals, aquaculture, industrial enzymes and specialty chemicals.

Camson's ability to leverage its proprietary technology platform combined with frontiers of science continues to advance Camson's reputation as a leading innovator in the biotechnology space.

Camson has been able to isolate the desired microorganisms from nature using its proprietary technology and evaluated its performance against the desired pest/ pathogen. Using its technology of unique media recipe Camson is able to multiply the microorganisms and develop secondary metabolites. The method adopted by Camson is highly efficient and economical as compared to the development of synthetic molecules. The chances of failure of synthetic molecules and the pest developing resistance against it is high and hence chances of product obsolescence are also high.