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Farmers are constantly challenged to supply to the increasing global demand for food, while reducing the negative impact of crop protection practices on consumers, farm workers and the environment.

Although synthetic chemical pesticides are often effective in controlling pests, many are acutely toxic and are suspected carcinogens. Repeated use of synthetic fertilizers leads to soil infertility, eutrophication of water bodies and accumulation of toxic heavy metals in soil.

Due to recent technological advances and increasing environment and safety concerns, biologically-derived products are becoming increasingly important components of Integrated Pest Management (IPM).

Derived entirely from microbes, Camson has created a unique range of bio-pesticides called Biocides. These are distinguished from synthetic pesticides by their unique modes of action, low toxicity to non-target species, biodegradability and natural occurrence.

Camson's Bio-fertilizers are also unique combinations of bio-agents that enhance the concentration of plant nutrients in the soil. Through biotechnology innovation, Camson's Hybrid Seed varieties offer maximum compatibility with organic and natural conditions and better yields.

Camson range of Natural Fertilisers are a breakthrough in Agri-biotech research. They provide a 1005 organic alternative to chemical fertilisers and enrich the plants with bio-available NPK

Camson products are subjected to rigorous testing and are certified by government agencies and academic authorities. Our products assure a balance of quality and unique attributes that make them the most favorable option for farmers.