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Camson has now developed another milestone product

in the form of proprietary Water Soluble Fertilizers

which have been derived from natural sources “A First in The World”.

Natural Fertilizer


The development process of these Water Soluble Fertilizers include:

       • Decomposition.
       • Extraction.
       • Fermentation.
       • Concentration.

The advantages of Camson’s Natural Water Soluble Fertilizers are:

       • Bio available NPK; makes it easier for the plant to absorb the nutrients in      entirety.
       • Nutrients do not leach or evaporate as in case of synthetic fertilizers.
       • Free from Sodium, Chloride and other harmful chemicals.
       • Completely and uniformly water soluble.
       • 100% organic.
       • Unlike synthetic fertilizers, Camson’s natural fertilizers increase the beneficial microbial count in the soil.
       • Provides and builds natural immunity in the plant.

Dosages for Water Soluble Fertilizers:

       • Drip application – 5-10 grams per Ltr of water.
       • Foliar spray – 1–3 grams per Ltr of water.
    “ Available in 1Kg. and 25Kg. pack”