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CALTOP is a mixture of enzymes that kills the fungus and mildew immediately on contact. Easy to use, CALTOP makes for an ideal solution for low-scale, high-yield farming.



CALTOP destroys fungi including powdery mildew and cercospora.



Dissolvable powder form with CALPASTE as base



  • CALTOP dissolves immediately in water, hence it is easy to use it in variable saturation as needed
  • It is equally effective even in low dosage
  • It doesn't cause scorching or leaf damage
  • It is eco-friendly, non-toxic, zero-residue and economical
  • It can be used with other fungicides, insecticides, manures, fertilizers and bioagents.

Recommended for

All agricultural, floricultural and horticultural crops and plantations, potted plants, grass lawns


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