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One of the illustrious products from Camson, CALBAHAAR uses CALPHOMIL, CALPASTE, humic acid and amino acid as base ingredients to maximize the effect.



CALBAHAAR is effective against soil borne fungi including Fusarium and Pythium. It also prevents pests including nematodes and white grubs from attacking the root of the plant.



Granular product that can be mixed with soil around the plant and in the field preparing seedbeds.



  • CALBAHAAR facilitates better establishment of the seedling in the seedbed and aids the plant growth
  • It is eco-friendly, non-toxic, zero-residue and fast-acting
  • It can be used with other fungicides, insecticides, manures, fertilizers and bioagents.

Recommended for

All agricultural, floricultural and horticultural crops and plantations, potted plants, grass lawns


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