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Rakesh Kumar stands proudly in front of his plot which recovered from blight and caterpillars. Kumar sent this picture of a plot adjacent to his which was severely damaged by blight and caterpillars.

Camson restores maiden farmerís confidence in self and farming

All through out his growing years Rakesh Kumar had seen farming through his fatherís eyes and was unhappy with the uncertainty that accompanied farming. He had made up his mind to opt out and had begun considering other businesses. However, all this changed with the untimely demise of his father. The responsibility of managing the house and other family members pushed him back to agriculture.

Like most of the other farmers in his district of Barabanke (Tehsil Gangaganj) he began to grow tomatoes. However, June of 2011 was a wrong time for this first time farmerís maiden experience with farming. A bulk of the tomato crop was severely damaged by blight (an almost incurable fungal disease) and whatever was left was being chewed up by caterpillars. Rakesh Kumarís farm was no exception. The leaves had begun to turn yellow and the fruit had developed black circles. Rakesh promptly imitated the other farmers in his area and sprayed the crop with a variety of chemical pesticides. However, there was no response and his crop continued to rot. Most farmers in that belt faced a similar situation and some suggested to uproot the crop and to start up-fresh.

Rakesh was depressed. He was at the verge of losing his maiden crop and was fast losing confidence in himself as he would be unable to tend to his familyís needs after his fatherís demise. His childhood memories of financial uncertainty whenever a crop failed came back to haunt him

He was about to become an utter failure in the eyes of his family and worse stillÖ. in his own.

At this time, he met Camsonís representative N.K. Tripathi who promised him a cure for his ailments. With nothing left to loose, Rakesh Kumar experimented with Camsonís biocides Calphomil, Caltika and Calgard. To his surprise, Calphomil cured the fungus, Calgard killed the caterpillar and Caltika gave the plants the required nutrition to stage a comeback. Rakesh Kumarís crop was saved.

Buyers of tomato were willing to pay sky high price for a good quality produce since a bulk of the tomato crop in the region was damaged.Rakesh sold his tomatoes at Rs.4 a kilo while others were selling at Re.1 a kilo.

Today, he is a hero to his family. However, he credits the entire success to Camson who he says has helped him believe in himself all over again !!!. In his words ď Camson to mere liye Rambaan saabit ho gaya. Ab main sirf Camson ke products se hi kheti karungaĒ

Today he has planted Camsonís Akashganga tomato and nourishes it with Camsonís biocides.

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