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The bumper chilli crops The chillies were rich in color with longer shelf life
Proud Baban with Mr. Anil, Camson's representative The chillies were rich in color with longer shelf life
Baban Pote with his family

Nashik chilli farmer succeeds in uniting family

Farmer Baban Poteís success story is a testament to Camson Bio Technologiesí endeavor to increase farm profitability by maximizing crop yields.

For several years, Pote had to deal with the side effects of chemical pesticides and fertilizers on his farm. As a result, his chilli yields were poor, in terms of both quality and quantity. Also, he could not sell his produce at a good price and was contemplating giving up farming. One of his sons refused to be a part of the family farming business and opened a shop on his own. The other son was in two minds about his future.

Frustrated after years of toil, Pote turned to biotechnology. He vowed not to use chemical-loaded products and searched for an eco-friendly solution for higher and quality yield. His quest led him to Camson Bio Technologies. Camson's executives Mr. Ashutosh and Mr. Anil introduced Pote to the efficacy and yield of Camon's products and insisted that he try them. Reluctantly, Pote agreed to try them on a small portion of his land. He planted Camson's chilli hybrid seed and nourished it with Calbahaar - a biofungicide and growth promoter. He also used biocides Calpaste and Calnova and supplemented the growth of the plants with Calshree.

In spite of improper spacing and heavy rains, each chilly plant yielded 160-165 chillies on the first picking. This is over 30% higher in comparison to what he achieved earlier.

This has pleasantly shocked Pote. He now plans to grow Camsonís hybrid chillies on one full acre of land and expects to reap a harvest of 26 to 28 tonnes. Since chillies are sold at around Rs 32 per kg, this would fetch him revenues of Rs. 7-9 lakh on an investment of a meager Rs. 25,000.

Encouraged by Poteís success, farmers in adjoining districts have shown tremendous interest in Camsonís bio products.

The chilli success has united Poteís family. His son is now convinced about the prospects of farming and has made his mind to stay with the family to pursue agriculture.

Camson Bio Technologies is committed to providing farmers with a platform to grow zero residue, healthy and high-yielding crops.

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