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15 August 2007

Camson signs MOU with Royal Science and Technology Park, Government of Swaziland

Mr. B. Srinivasa Raju, a first generation progressive farmer residing at Plot No. 41, Sikh Village, Wahab Nagar, Secunderabad has cultivated Pomegranate in an area spread over 40 acres and having 11000 plants situated at Village - Chandradena, Mandal -Talkundapalli, District Mahboobnagar, A.P

The plantation is expecting its first yield of a very popular variety ( Bhagua ) very soon.

Right from planting till date, the farmer has only used the unique Bio fertilisers and biocides range of Camson Bio Technologies Limited and has been extremely happy to find the entire plantation to be totally free from any pest or disease, moreover, he also expects a record yield based on the extraordinary flowering that has been visible in his entire plot.

Farmers of the village & adjoining areas, are very impressed by the overall health of the garden and have been constantly seeking advise from Mr. Raju for their plots.

The proud farmer is now a die-hard Camson fan and has set an example which the others are starting to emulate.