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11 May 2011

Camson Biotech delivers 22% Q4 sales growth

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Indian farmers prefer Camson’s agri-inputs against chemical-based practices

  • Camson successfully combines technology with agriculture to provide farming with a much needed boost. Farmers confident of Camson’s ability to increase yield quantity and quality
  • Camson’s freezer watermelons a runaway hit. Now sold at Reliance Fresh stores
    across India

Performance Highlights:

  • Camson’s Q4 net revenues grew by a robust 22% to 23.05 crore for the quarter ended March 31, 2011 from Rs. 18.97 crore in the corresponding period last year
  • EBDITA for the quarter ended grows 190.41% to Rs. 6.36 crore from Rs. 2.19 crore in the same quarter last fiscal.
  • Camson’s products across hybrid seeds and biocides and bio-fertilisers gaining acceptance as an alternative and safe agri-medium among Indians both in the farm and in kitchens.

Bangalore, May 11th, 2011: Camson Bio Technologies Limited, one of India’s fastest growing IPR-driven biotechnology companies, posted a robust 22% growth in the fourth quarter ended March 31, 2011 over the corresponding period the previous year. This strong growth can be attributed to increased demand and better realisations for Camson’s zero-residue biocides and unique hybrid seeds. The net profit increased by 162% to  Rs. 6.18 crore in the fourth quarter ended March 31, 2011 from Rs. 2.35 crore in the same quarter last year.The company declared a total income of Rs 99.14 crore for the year ended March 31 2011, rising 24% YoY from Rs. 80 crore in the corresponding period last year.

This quarter saw a welcome aggression among Indian farmers to use Camson’s products. The company’s hybrid freezer watermelon is now a hit with consumers and retailers alike. There is also a steady demand for cost-effective and eco-friendly biocides and bio-fertilizers. Moreover, there is a better understanding of the value addition Camson products provide to rural farming. The company’s commitment to produce zero-residue biocides and bio-fertilizers is revolutionizing farming practices in India.

Making a Difference

Camson has been scripting farmer success stories across the country. Mr. Jaywant More, a sugarcane farmer, decided to experiment with Camson products. He planted watermelons in between two crops of sugarcane with the resulting bumper yield fetching him Rs. 1 lakh per acre! More’s story is a testament to Camson’s growth and its value addition to rural farming.

Success of Non-Leaky Freezer Watermelons

Camson’s Non-Leaky “Freezer Watermelons” are in high demand with consumers and are now available across India including Reliance Fresh. They have become the fastest moving products in this category. The freezer watermelons sell at Rs. 11 per kilo while other varieties sell for Rs. 7 to 9 per kilo. These non-leaky watermelons are a product of the company’s IPR-driven initiative. There is now a focus on building significant brand recall and premium for the company’s products. For example, the freezer watermelons will henceforth be branded with Camson’s credentials.

Surge in demand for Camson biocides and bio-fertilizers

As farmers show a growing interest in Camson products, there is an increased demand for biocides and bio-fertilisers vis-à-vis conventional chemical fertilisers. Camson is at the forefront of this movement through agri-solutions that are sustainable, effective and economical. The company is continuously focused on research programs that provide crop yield and quality.

Commenting on the results, Dhirendra Kumar, Founder and Managing Director of Camson Biotech said: “Our main goal was to provide farmers with a sustainable livelihood and a platform to produce eco-friendly yield. We have achieved it. We will now focus on our marketing and branding programs for biocides and seeds to ensure that we receive a premium for our products in the long run. We believe in farmer engagement initiatives to meet their needs. This way, we will be able to develop agri-inputs that best answer their concerns.

About Camson Biotech

Established in 1993, Camson combines latest knowledge of breeding, molecular genetics and metagenomics in agriculture with the latest practices in environmental safety and protection to market a wide range of products that include hybrid seeds, bio-fertilizers and biocides that are non-poisonous, eco-friendly and residue-free. Headquartered in Bangalore, Camson employs the best talent in the industry to bring innovative biotechnologies to farmers. Partnering with rural farming communities, government agencies and corporate houses in India, Camson aims to empower farming communities through need-focused research and development.

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