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11 August 2011

Camson Tie-Up With Wageningen University Paves Path For Revolution In BioTech Sector

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  • Camson inks technology tie-up with Netherland’s Wageningen University for groundbreaking research
  • Wageningen University ranks among the world’s leading research experts in biotechnology
  • The tie-up will use Cisgenesis, an innovative stream of bio-science, to develop potatoes, apple cultivar, tomatoes and other vegetables

Mumbai, August 11th, 2011: Camson Bio Technologies has signed a technology agreement with Netherland’s Wageningen University (WU) to develop disease-resistant and bio-friendly fruits and vegetables. World renowned Cisgenesis expert from WU, Dr. Schouten Henk, visited Camson’s Research Centre in Bangalore to finalize the agreement.

This tie-up will pave the way to garner a large share of the cash crops segment, which is pegged at Rs. 4,000 crore in the Indian market and slated to grow at 25-30% p.a.

WU is globally renowned for its expertise in implementing Cisgenesis to arrive at superior produce. The University was in the news recently for its pioneering work in developing disease-resistant potatoes.

Through Cisgenesis, Camson will be able to develop new cultivars that are strongly tolerant to biotic and abiotic stress. In Cisgenesis, hybrid seeds are developed from genes of the same plant or from those belonging to the same species. An example would be developing hybrid seeds from the genes of two unrelated chilli plants.

Cisgenic plants are considered as safe GMO because it does not use the genes from unrelated species as in the case of transgenic.

Over the years, Camson has successfully launched several vegetable and fruit hybrids such as the yellow-skin watermelon, yellow flesh watermelon, pink tomatoes, orange tomatoes and disease tolerant tomatoes. The company is the first in the country to research, produce and market unique seeds such as freezer watermelons.

Dhirendra Kumar, Founder and Managing Director of Camson Biotech said: “We are committed to innovative research and development to provide consumers with healthier and disease-resistant fruits and vegetables. This technological tie-up with Wageningen University will pave the path for a biotech revolution within the country and abroad. We are confident of developing hybrid seeds that can be used to satisfy the hunger situation across the globe.”

About the company

Established in 1993, Camson Bio Technologies combines the latest knowledge in breeding, molecular genetics and metagenomics in agriculture with the latest practices in environmental safety and protection, to market a wide range of products spanning hybrid seeds, bio-fertilizers and biocides. These are non-poisonous, eco-friendly and residue-free. Headquartered in Bangalore, Camson Bio Technologies employs the best talent in the industry to bring innovative biotechnology products to the farmers. Partnering with farming communities, government agencies and corporate houses in India, Camson Bio Technologies aims at empowering farming communities by focusing its R&D to their needs.

About Wageningen University

Wageningen UR (University and Research centre) is an international research and education institute with the mission ‘to explore the potential of nature to improve the quality of life’. Wageningen University is one of three partners within Wageningen UR. Wageningen University ranks number one in Europe for its research in life sciences, food and environment.

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