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06 September 2008

4 years in a row - Revenue and Profits grow over 100%.

Since 1993, Camson is engaged in Research and Development, on a continuous basis in its endeavor to provide safe food to mankind. In addition to being India's first and only wholly integrated Agri Bio Technology Company, it is also a preferred solutions provider to the farmers and institutions engaged in agri activities.

Camson's revenue grew by an astronomical 139%, during the year ended March 31, 2008 to Rs.41.96 crores, from Rs.17.58 crores, during the year ended March 31, 2007. The profits registered a robust growth of 130%, at Rs.7.79 crores from Rs.3.38 crores, as at the end of the corresponding period, for the previous year.

Camson's Annual General Meeting was held on the 5th September 2008 at Bangalore. The share owners of the Company attended the Meeting in large numbers. They were delighted at the Company's performance and backed it fully, exhorting it to go ahead with its expansion plans and forward integration efforts. The members desired that the Company should continue its pioneering pursuits to launch trend setter products for production of safe food. The members were looking forward to the bright future of the Company and expressed their wish to see it amongst the foremost Companies in the world, in its field. The Management, on its part, assured the members of their tireless efforts to realize their dream.