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14 February 2011

Camson Biotech: Q3 & first nine months FY2011 Results Release
Camson Biotech delivers 49.11% Q3 Sales growth and 24.05% for the first nine months

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The shift in preference for natural farming products has increased demand for hybrid seeds, biocides & bio-fertilizers

Financial Performance Highlights:

Q3 FY2011 results compared with Q3 FY2010 results:

  • Revenues increase by 49.11% to 32.33 crore from 21.68 crore
  • EBITDA stands at 7.82 crore versus 5.31 crore, an increase of 47.35%
  • PAT increased by 51.65% to 7.30 crore from 4.81 crore
  • EPS shoots up to 4.55 from 3.00

First nine months FY2011 results compared with FY2010 results:

  • Revenues up 24.05% to 76.09 crore from 61.34 crore
  • EBIDTA improves 23.60% to 17.33 crore from 14.03 crore
  • Net profits increased by 25.30% to 15.85 crore from 12.65 crore
  • EPS stands at 9.88 from 7.88.

Mumbai, February 14th, 2011: Camson Bio Technologies Limited declared a total income of 32.33 crore in the third quarter, a rise of 49.11% over the last years’ corresponding period’s total income of 21.68 crore. Moreover, the total income of the first nine months of FY 2011 also showed a growth of 24.05% to 76.09 crore from 61.34 crore in the corresponding period of the last year. Camson Bio Technologies Limited’s net profits increased by 51.65 % to 30 crore in the third quarter ended December 31, 2010 from 4.81 crore in the same quarter last year. The overall net profit growth in the first nine months of FY 2011, on the other hand, was 25.30%, to 15.85 crore from 12.65 crore last year.

In the second quarter of this financial year the company invested significantly in growing its pan India marketing and distribution presence. This has paid off handsomely, as 3QFY11 results show. The company continues to believe in this strategy and has intensified its marketing efforts which is expected to bolster the performance in the coming quarters.

Commenting on the results, Dhirendra Kumar, Founder and Managing Director, Camson Biotech said, “Our effort at Camson to provide sustainable agriculture and deliver healthy food to the Indian consumer is bearing fruit. I am very optimistic that the growing awareness in farmers of our zero residue biocides and unique hybrid seeds will continue to drive demand for Camson Bio Technologies’products in the future. Camson’s future is bright, both domestically and internationally.”

In this quarter, the company has significantly improved its performance in both hybrid seeds and biocides.

Hybrid Seeds – Camson’s hybrid seeds, have shown a robust growth. Especially, chilli, watermelon and tomato hybrid seeds have done extremely well in this quarter. In chillies, the company’s two brands, Gomti and Pennar have done particularly well. In watermelon, its two Icebox brands, Netravati and Vedavati, have surpassed all expectations; and, in tomato, brand Akashganga has done remarkably well.

Biocides and bio-fertilizers – The Company is benefitting from the continuously increasing demand for biocides and bio-fertilisers in India. Its products such as Calbgard, Calbahar, Calphomil, Calnova, Cal-mb, and Calmyte, which replace chemical fertilisers and pesticides, are extremely safe and effective. This segment has done well taking into account the unseasonal rains that lashed the country limiting the use of biocides. While all of them have done exceptionally well, the new Calgard holds the most promise.

Going forward, the focus will be on the newly launched Calgard and on the novel water melon variety Sonmati – a deep yellow skinned, watermelon variety with bright red coloured flesh inside.

About Camson Biotech- Established in 1993, Camson Bio Technologies combines the latest knowledge in breeding, molecular genetics and metagenomics in agriculture with the latest practices in environmental safety and protection, to market a wide range of products spanning hybrid seeds, bio-fertilizers and biocides. These are non-poisonous, eco-friendly and residue-free. Headquartered in Bangalore, Camson Bio Technologies employs the best talent in the industry to bring innovative biotechnology products to the farmers. Partnering with farming communities, government agencies and corporate houses in India, Camson Bio Technologies aims at empowering farming communities by focussing its R&D to their needs.

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