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Corporate Information

What are Camson's areas of operations?

Camson is an integrated agricultural biotechnology enterprise focused on the development of innovative products to maximise agricultural productivity and sustainability while reducing the environmental impact.

Our principal areas of operations include naturally-derived biocides, bio-fertilizers and hybrid seed varieties.

Derived entirely from organic and natural plant-to-plant transfers, Camson has created a unique range of bio-pesticides called Biocides. These are distinguished from synthetic pesticides by their unique modes of action, low toxicity to non-target species, biodegradability and natural occurrence.

Camson's Bio-fertilizers are also unique combinations of bio-agents that enhance the concentration of plant nutrients in the soil. Through biotechnology innovation, Camson's Hybrid Seed varieties offer maximum compatibility with organic and natural conditions and better yields.

Where is Camson’s registered office located?

In which year was Camson incorporated and where?

Camson was incorporated in 1993 in Bangalore, India.

What are Camsonís revenue and profits for the last 12 months and the year before?

FY 2013-14
Revenue:145.63 crore
PAT: 13.27 crore

FY 2012-13
Revenue: 119.61 crore
PAT: 23.01 crore

Where can I obtain information on Camson’s financial results?

To obtain the financial results of the company, please refer to our website under Investor Relations > Financial Information. Alternatively, the same is also available at the website of the Bombay Stock Exchange (BSE).
The results of the company are also published in Business Standard.

Who are the Board of Directors of Camson?

Camsons' Board of Directors consists of:
Dhirendra Kumar, Managing Director
A. N. Singh, Non-Executive Director
Krishnaswamy Ramaswamy Iyer, Non-Executive, Independent Director
Virendra Kumar Singh, Non-Executive Director
B. C. Madappa, Non-Executive, Independent Director
Dr Anirudh Kumar Singh, Non-Executive, Independent Director

Gulshan Khanna , Non Executive Director

Equity Shares Information

On which stock exchanges are Camson shares listed or traded and what are the codes?

Name of Exchange


Bombay Stock Exchange, (BSE)

CAMSON BIO; Scrip Code: 538858

Where can I obtain details on Camson’s shareholders?

What is the percentage breakdown of shareholders?

The latest information about the shareholding pattern can be found under
Investor Relations > Shareholding Pattern