CALPUSHTI is a proprietary and patented product from Camson Bio Technologies. CALPUSHTI is derived from natural sources and hence the nutrients are in bio available form; which is readily absorbable by the plants.

N, P & K is in bio available form. N is in nitrate form; Phosphorous in H3PO4 form and Potassium in K+ form.
There is no loss or fixation of nutrients
Available in water soluble and granular form for varied type of applications
100 % water soluble (Use ordinary cloth to filter the solution) .
100% organic.
Enhances the beneficial microbial count in the soil.
Continuous usage will improve the soil quality and productivity of the crop.


Soil Drenching: 5-10 gms / litre of water
Foliar Spraying: 2-3 gms / litre of water
Broadcasting: 25 to 50 Kg per Acre
Dosage depend upon the type & stage of the crop, type of soil and other factors


Keep in a cool dry place away from the reach of children and animals.


Powder and Liquid Formulation available