Camson Biocides deliver valuable crop protection and help farmers to produce high quality crops with no residue.

Camson's Zero Residue biocides surpass synthetic chemical pesticides in new ways:

  • Unlike chemical pesticides, our biocides leave behind no toxic traces in the ecosystems they come in contact with – as they are derived from nature, they can be easily internalized back into soil. Thus, the quality of farming soil does not suffer from chemical residue in the short or long term instead increases the fertility of the soil to greater extent.
  • Camson biocides are target specific, and do not adversely impact species other than pest/fungi they are created to deter. These are friendly microorganisms and insects, Hence no Side effects/ biological contamination caused to the eco system, and can continue to benefit crops in their own manner
  • The whole grains, vegetables and fruit grown with the help of Camson biocides carry no chemical residue. This allows farmers to access higher-value markets that have more stringent requirements on pesticide residue levels. Consumers also benefit from the greater availability of organically grown food, and from the assurance that they are eating what is wholesome

In working together with our customer and statutory regularise, we bring scientific excellence to deliver our products that makes our food safer to consume. Our products have strong biocidal activity and broad spectrum to fight against bacteria, fungi and other microbes.

Our existing customer (Farmers) have high degree of trust and confidence in our product to use in their farming, which fetches at most yield during the season.