Proprietary Technology Platform

Anintensive R&D effort into these different yet inter-related fields is supplemented by a powerful proprietary technology platform that forms a literal back-bone of the entire initiative.

The Proprietary Technology Platform developed and used by Camson consists of a microorganism database, screening technology, and a natural product compound library. This platform provides the foundation for the discovery and development of natural products meant to be applied in the Integrated Pest Management (IPM) industry. In combination with pioneering other proprietary techniques related to the development of unique products; Camson enjoys a leading position in the industry.Camson’s proprietary research and development process starts with the selection of appropriate micro-organisms from our data base,1, 00,000 microbes shortlisted and made a part of our library. These are carefully harvested and isolated from their natural surroundings and then encouraged to multiply. At a certain stage, their secondary metabolites (biologically active chemical compounds from living organisms) are collected. These are then tested against the target pest/pathogen. The next stage of rigorous testing begins only after the test results are on expected lines. Mass production starts only after successful completion of the entire testing procedure.

The advantages of the process adopted by Camson are many. It is cost-effective, and highly efficient. The products developed have a high rate of success and leave behind zero residue. This benefits not only the company but also farmers, and eventually the community at large.