Areas of Research

Research and Development efforts at Camson are carried out in a highly focused manner to enable the most efficient utilization of time and resources. Encouraged by our success in various technology-intensive fields; all of which promise to make agriculture and food production safer and more efficient. This is driven by our belief that the agriculture revolution must benefit all the stakeholders irrespective of the size of their operation. Consequently; our research efforts takes a serious look at the various department at our state of art R&D:-

  • Innovation
  • Discoverer
  • Explorer
  • Gene miner
  • Distinguisher

These are the unique departments looking after various research for the safer, effective and innovative solution for the problems faced by the mankind.

A concerted R&D effort into these diverse yet inter-related fields is supplemented by a powerful proprietary technology platform that forms a literal back-bone of the entire initiative. From isolating a desired micro-organism to evaluating its performance against a given pathogen and multiplying it to extract secondary metabolites; Camson’s technology platform integrates all activities and the collective learning gives the company a competitive advantage.