Camson boasts of a wide, well-connected network of 300 distributors and 2,600 dealers across India, complemented by a dedicated team of over 300 marketing professionals. . Our Marketing Network gains further strength from company appointed C&F agents in all large markets to provide storage, logistics and accounting support to the sales team.

This network functions tirelessly, not only to distribute our products countrywide, but also to provide feedback to the Research and Development teams and to raise awareness about eco-friendly farming methods among the agricultural community.

We start by linking our distributors and marketing partners directly with our customers, the farmers. Through this link, we receive constant feedback from the farmers, and thus stay updated with respect to market fluctuations and trends. This process helps us in incorporating Strategic modifications to our distribution plans in tune with what the farmers want. Over the years our dealers have also developed a deep understanding of the market. They help us take Research and Development to an entirely new level; providing insight into the kinds of products and solutions that the farming community requires the most.

Finally, the marketing team and its extensions also have another very important to role to play. They involve the farming communities in sustainable agricultural perspectives and discussions and create awareness about the concept of ‘Zero-Residue’ farming. This takes us closer to realising our vision of a world that has enough, organically grown food for all.