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Aurangabad ginger farmer revives failed crop


Aurangabad ginger farmer es failed crop 

Camson bio-fertilizers, bio-pesticides and hybrid seeds are the future of Indian farming.

Ramsingh Swaroopchand, a farmer from Aurangabad, struggled with low crop yields and pests on his farm for several years. The quality of the soil on his farm had deteriorated after years of abuse caused by spraying chemical pesticides and fertilisers.

Ramsingh’s ginger plants had sub-normal growth with shoots that turned yellow in colour. As a result, he was finding it difficult to meet his annual household expenses. He was not sure of even recovering his investment, which would have provided him with the seed capital for the next crop. He was a worried man.

At this crucial juncture, Ramsingh was advised by a local farming expert to completely avoid chemical-based products. He was asked to try Camson bio-products instead. Ramsingh was apprehensive at first, but then decided to give Camson products a chance.

Some months later, he was pleasantly shocked when he realized that his crops were growing healthier than ever before! He noticed that the plants treated with Camson products had green stems with 30-40 shoots per plant. On the other hand, the older plants had yellow stems with 10-15 shoots per plant.

Ramsingh is overjoyed. He says, “Most farmers in this area were troubled by similar issues. They have benefited immensely from my experience and have switched over to Camson’s Zero residue products. Camson’s products not only ensure that my farms remain healthy and disease-free, but also give me financial rewards through bumper yields”

Ramsingh produced a bumper yield of 15 quintals of ginger with just 100 kg of seeds. Prior to using Camson products, he barely produced 5 quintals on the same amount of seeds!

Ramsingh used Camson’s Calbahaar (bio-fungicide and growth promoter) and Calmonas (bio-fertilizer) to strengthen the plants and boost yield. He also sprayed Calpaste (bio-pesticide) to get rid of pests thriving on his farm.

Camson Bio Technologies is committed to providing farmers with a platform to grow zero residue, healthy and high-yielding crops.