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Chikali onion seed farmer rescues farm from destruction


Chikali onion seed farmer rescues farm from destruction


Farmar Shirke's farming success is proof that Camson bio-products makes plants sturdy enough to withstand nature's fury

The unpredictable weather of the Chikali region has harshly affected the onion seed farming business for several years. The severe monsoon has nearly destroyed 60-70% crops in the area as of January 2011. The farmers used every possible method to protect their crop but failed miserably. They were frustrated as farming in the region was done on credit basis. In case a crop fails, farmers are hounded by money lenders. This has driven plenty of farmers to commit suicide.

However, the plot of Shri. Prahlad Shirke stands green and in stark contrast to neighboring fields. His farm was saved from fatal destruction and has close to 15 shoots per bulb, which indicates excellent plant health.

Shirke is grateful to Camson’s Calbahaar for this miracle. The product is a plant growth promoter and a bio-fungicide. The strength of the plant helped it tide over the unseasonal rainfall. He swears by the product and gladly advises all who visit his plot to follow suit.

The field had very negligible amount of wilt, thanks to the timely usage of Camson’s bio crop care products. Shri. Prahlad Shirke had used 20 kg of Calbahaar per acre of land and treated the crop with biocides – Calphomil & Calmonas; a bio-insecticide – Calpaste; and plant growth promoters Caltika and Calshri.

Many farmers were highly impressed with the excellent health his crops were in. This created a buzz in the surrounding regions and was even reported in two leading dailies - Dainik Parshvabhoomi and Lokmat.

Camson Bio Technologies is committed to providing farmers with a platform to grow zero residue, healthy and high-yielding crops.