Agriculture is the unquestionable backbone of India. Our story began with a will to strengthen this backbone. Camson Bio Technologies was established in 1993, in Bangalore, with one singular mission - to focus on stellar Research and Development in the field of agricultural innovation.

At a very early stage, we realized that one critical, but largely overlooked problem in Indian agriculture was chemical residue that standard fertilizers and pesticides left behind. Today, in our efforts to keep the Indian soil sustainably fertile for generations of farmers, we stand proud as the sole pioneers in Zero Residue Technology.

Camson’s wide range of biocides includes bio-pesticides, bio-insecticides, bio-fungicides, bio-fertilizers and plant growth promoters from carefully selected strains of microbes. The discovery of the breakthrough technology to extract NPK from microbes using advanced fermenter technology has made us the leading biotech company to launch a unique range of Natural Fertilisers which are a natural replacement to synthetic fertilisers.

Camson is dedicated to bringing to the market of agricultural products that are globally acceptable because of their unmatched quality. The company’s R&D has been recognized by Govt. of India, Director of Science and Technology and has won many awards from public & private sector.

Camson’s unique success is a result of lateral and out of the box thought process. Our unique path-breaking products are a testimony to our creative thinking.