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Manufacturing Facilities

Our production facilities have been set in southern and northern parts of India, keeping in mind the diverse demand in both.

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Marketers and dealers are an integral part of the Camson family.

We have an in-house, dedicated team of 300 marketing professionals complemented by a wide, well-connected network of 300 distributors and 2,600 dealers across India.

Our constant feedback mechanism helps us make strategic modifications to accommodate the market fluctuations. Periodic meetings and training sessions ensure that the team is well-informed and involved in the latest sectoral developments.

Our distributors and marketers ensure a direct connection between Camson and the farmer. They also involve the farming communities in sustainable agricultural perspectives and create awareness about the concept of ‘zero-residue’ farming.

Over the years our dealers have developed a deep understanding of the market. They help us take the research and development into new directions.

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