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From increase in population and food demand to resource depletion and climate change, governments and nations across the world are grappling with the changing dynamics of food security.

According to estimates, the global demand for food is likely to double by 2050 as world population multiplies and economic growth enables higher spending on food.

Meeting the food demand of the world, across developed and developing nations is the biggest challenge governments and the private sector face in the near future. With land shrinking and agricultural land resources diminishing, the only way to meet the food demand is by producing more from less and protecting the produce from destruction.

In this changing scenario, agricultural biotechnology continues to promise higher value agriculture for farmers and is witnessing a high rate of adoption. On this growth platform, we at Camson are passionately working towards a single goal – to create food resources for India and the world through higher yield, safer crops and sustainable agriculture.

According to Wood MacKenzie, a US-based consultancy firm to the agricultural biotechnology sector, in 2000, the global market size of synthetic chemical pesticides was approximately US $60 billion. Although synthetic chemical pesticides, often, are effective in controlling pests, many are acutely toxic and are suspected carcinogens.

The Indian pesticides market is about Rs. 8,000 crores and growing at the rate of 5-7% p.a. However, the awareness against the pesticides residue and the increase in export of fruits and vegetables from India has adversely affected the chemical pesticides business and its growth.

Our essential business opportunity is to convert farmers into using zero-residue Biocides and biofertilizers to ensure a safe produce. Based on a living organism, Biocides are distinguished by their unique modes of action, low toxicity, biodegradability and natural occurrence. Sustainable development through non-toxic methods which are safe is the core value and mission of our R&D development.

We are also addressing the food needs across the entire value chain. We are creating seeds for production of fruits, vegetables and more for the affordability-sensitive mass markets while our high-end non-seed tomato is aimed at the premium market segment. Our seed R&D is focused on ensuring that consumers at the retail level get products which are healthy and ‘user-friendly’. For example, our ice box watermelon an oblong and smaller watermelon, which is ideal for small families and storage in home refrigerators and our yellow skin watermelon, another compact variety of the fleshy summer fruit have been very well received.

Looking towards the future we will remain focused on innovation and operational excellence. In a major step towards building a more sustainable future for the company, we have stepped up our research investments to more than 20% of our revenue. We have also created a global supply chain function leading to an integrated supply unit, thereby creating the most efficient production models for our products.

We have been continuously making investments to open up new markets and services. Our intellectual capability and focus on innovation is helping us chart our future progress, not only in terms of our business but through our impact on the community, at large.

We continue to be an engine of growth because of our proven ability to reinvent the organisation and the business. We owe our success to our customers for their trust and understanding and to our employees who have been the backbone of our leading edge performance. With their support the future holds a new promise for Camson as the leading bio-technology company, globally.