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Camson offers a wide range of bio-products including biocides, bio-fertilizers and hybrid seeds. Our products assure a balance of quality and unique attributes that make them the most favourable option for farmers. Read more>

Camson Agri-Ventures Pvt Ltd (CAV)

Practicing Zero Residue Cultivation, CAV believes in creating effective and sustainable practices across the agricultural value chain so that safe food can be delivered at affordable prices to all of its consumers. Read more>

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News Update

05-10-17 23rd Annual General meeting

20-09-17 Proceedings of 23rd Annual meeting

06-09-17 Outcome of Board Meeting

01-09-17 AGM Newspaper Advt. English

01-09-17 AGM Newspaper Advt. Kannada

29-08-17 BM on 6th Sep 2017& adoption of IND AS

24-08-17 AGM and Book Closure Notice

09-08-17 Outcome of the Board Meeting

29-07-17 Outcome of the Board Meeting

28-07-17 Resignation Of Statutory Auditors

29-05-17 Outcome of the Board Meeting

21-03-17 Resignation of Independent Director

10-02-17 Outcome of the Board Meeting

03-02-17 BM Notice to SE

23-01-17 Notice to Stock Exchange

14-12-16 Repeated success stories of Kerala

02-12-16 Business Standard

02-12-16 Hosadinaganth

15-10-16 Outcome of the Meeting

15-10-16 Notice of Board Meeting

15-10-16 Workshop on Zero-Residue Farming

01-10-16 Chairman Report

30-09-16 Voting Results And Scrutinizers Report

29-09-16 Proceedings of 22nd Annual General                     Meeting

07-09-16 Covering Letter and Notice of AGM

11-08-16 Outcome of Board Meeting

11-08-16 Outcome of Board Meeting

08-08-16 Resignation of Additional Director

04-08-16 Convening of Board Meeting

15-07-16 Letter to Shareholders

30-05-16 Outcome of the Board Meeting

19-04-16 Outcome of the Board Meeting

01-04-16 Resignation of Mr. Santosh Ramkrishna                     Nair, Whole-time Director and CEO

02-03-16 Disclosure of KMP as per Regulation                     30(5) of SEBI (LODR)

27-02-16 Resignation of Mr. Gulshan Kumar                     Khanna, Independent Director

10-02-16 Outcome of the Board Meeting on                     10th February 2016

04-02-16 Notice for Board Meeting to be                     held on 10th February 2016

02-02-16 Resignation of Mr. Anil Rajendra Nath,                     Independent Director

20-01-16 Chairman's Report on Extra-ordinary                     General Meeting

20-01-16 Voting results and Scrutinizer's Report on                     the Extra-ordinary General Meeting

25-12-15 Notice of Extraordinary General                     Meeting–18th January, 2016

17-12-15 Cost of Acquisition – pursuant to                     Scheme of Arrangement cum Demerger

14-11-15 Outcome of Board meeting held as                     on 14th November 2015.

06-11-15 Notice of the board meeting to be held                     on 14th November 2015

04-11-15 Camson Biotechnologies Ltd. conferred                     with renewed ISO 9001:2008 certification                     for Research, Manufacturing and                     Marketing of Seeds and Agricultural                     Biotech Products for all its facilities.

21-10-15 Outcome of Board Meeting

17-10-15 Notice of Board Meeting

01-10-15 Mr. Santosh Nair's interview on                     Bloomberg TV India

26-09-15 AGM Voting Results_2015

26-09-15 Chairman's Report on Annual General                     Meeting

24-09-15 Camson Bio Technologies Ltd. inks MoU                     with Zuari Agri Sciences Ltd

08-09-15 Organic cash crops are Kerala's new fad

01-09-15 Annual General Meeting Notice

01-09-15 Notice of Book Closure

01-09-15 FnB : Natural Fertilisers from microbial                     extracts.

28-08-15 Appointment of Chief Scientific Officer

27-08-15 Natural Fertilisers, A revolution in                     Indian Agriculture - Dhirendra Kumar's                     interview in Business Standard.

17-08-15 Et now - Santosh nair commenting upon                     discovery of natural fertilisers

16-08-15 Business Standard - Natural Fertiliser to                    replace chemical fertiliser with no harm                    to environment.

16-08-15 Breakthrough technology of Natural                     Fertilisers

12-08-15 Outcome of the Board Meeting

03-08-15 Notice of Board Meeting

07-07-15 Matrubhumi - Microbial pesticides farming                  increases the production

03-07-15 Times of India - Microbial pesticides                     find their way into farmers

27-06-15 Agro Park summit advocates use of                    Camsons Secondary Metabolite                     Technology

19-05-15 Outcome of Board Meeting

11-05-15 Notice of Board Meeting

23-04-15 Voting Results of Court Convened                     Meeting held on 23.04.2015

23-04-15 Shareholders and Creditors approved                     Demerger

20-04-15 Camson's prospects - By Karvy                     Stock Broking Ltd on ET Now

13-04-15 Farmers don't despair : a thought                     provoking article by sri Sri ravi                     shankar on the present state of                     agriculture and way forward.

09-04-15 Camson, A Rising Stock    Interview of                     Mr. Santosh Nair on CNBC TV18

31-03-15 Camson bio technologies ltd. Inks mou                     with the kerala cardamom processing and                     marketing company limited

31-03-15 Notice of Court Convened Meeting to                     Unsecured Creditors.

31-03-15 Notice of Court Convened Meeting                     to Shareholders.

31-03-15 Notice of Court Convened Meeting                     to Secured Creditors.

24-03-15 Camson Bio Technologies Ink's MoU                     with VPGP.

17-03-15 Camson's R&D Building wins prestigious                     National Young Architect Award.

13-03-15 Camson signs MoU with Coconut                     Development Board.

12-03-15 De-merging of Seeds Division

12-02-15 Q3 Unaudited Financial Results                     2014 - 2015

02-02-15 Notice of Board Meeting

02-02-15 Business India : Making a meaningful                     change.


07-01-15 Listing of Equity Shares of Camson                     Bio Technologies Limited on BSE

05-01-15 Deloitte has recognised Camson as one                     the fastest growing technology companies                     in Asia Pacific and bestowed it with its                     Technology Fast 500 award.

03-01-15 Camson wins prestigious awards under                      the category "Responsible Business" and                     "Technology" by 2nd Inc India Innovative                      100 Awards

13-11-14 Outcome Of the board meeting

04-11-14 Complaints Report BSE

03-11-14 Notice Of Board Meeting

28-10-14 Business Today : Camson is                     ranked at 715

17-10-14 Zero Residue Conference -                     Media Coverage : Kolkata

15-10-14 Biospectrum : Government not                     recognizing biopesticides

13-10-14 Zero Residue Conference -                     Media Coverage

11-10-14 Mr Santosh Nair,CEO,Camson                     Biotechnologies Ltd. Addressing the                     media on zero residue farming.

17-09-14 Press Release-Seeds Demerger

26-09-14 AGM Voting Results

25-09-14 Interview on ET Now on seeds                     business demerger

24-09-14 Approval of scheme of demerger

17-09-14 Notice of Board Meeting

09-09-14 Annual Report 2013-14

16-08-14 Hindu Business Line- Camson Bio                     doubles profit in June quarter

13-08-14 Quarter 1 Unaudited results

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Research & Development

Camson�s R&D efforts aim at developing environment-friendly bio-agricultural solutions. Read more>